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Community Ayurvedic Herbalist is our herbal company and it is our pleasure to share with you recipes that we have developed and used for the past two decades.  Find the herbal collection that will meet your current needs or mix and match products from each collection.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us...we are happy to help you put together your natural healing plan.  

Each of our collections provides a complete herbal care system that will address your imbalances holistically.  Each product is formulated with the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine (the holistic healing system of India) and the science of modern herbalism.  Whole-istic healthcare embodies the knowledge that optimal health requires a multifaceted approach which is why our packages include blends for oral care, skin care and nasal care.  Each package features custom formulated products that when used together deliver the power of herbal medicine whole-istically.  

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The B Present collection is formulated to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and disorganized thoughts and physical syptoms such as constipation, variable appetite, light sleep and dry skin. In the Ayurvedic healthcare system, these symptoms are due to a vata imbalance.

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The B Content collection is formulated to reduce intensity, anger, and impatience and physical symptoms such as diarrhea, acid indigestion, red eyes and sensitivity to heat. In the Ayurvedic healthcare system, these symptoms are due to a Pitta imbalance.