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Holistic Counseling

There are natural points in life when you become aware that you want something more fulfilling and that, in order to get it, you must challenge the way you are currently living.  The first step is to accept that change is not easy but that it is absolutely within your reach and may be the most important thing you ever work toward.  Next step is to identify what is lacking so that you can begin to visualize a life with those things.  Lastly, a plan must be created and executed.  

I synthesize Hakomi, ayurveda and yoga in my counseling style to provide you with a holistic approach to healing.  I create a space of safety and acceptance wherein you can transform barriers to passageways.  I will make a specific wellness plan for you containing self-care practices that will shape your daily routine into a holistic lifestyle.  Working with me will support you in achieving the life you want.

  1. The goals you're seeking to achieve in therapy

  2. Your ayurvedic body/mind makeup

  3. Self-care practices that are specific to your needs

Your wellness plan is based on:

Click below to watch a short video to learn about "whole-istic" care