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My Background

My career and research are focused on the body, mind, and spirit connection. My concentration is in holistic mental health counseling, and I have expertise in ayurvedic medicine, yogic psychology, Hakomi, and somatic meditation practices. I bring these fields of study together to create a  thorough understanding of how to find the way back to balance.

The clients who will benefit most from my services are those ready to commit to creating the life they have always wanted and are willing to make the changes to get it. If that speaks to you, know that my position is to be your support and guide through this process and that my approach is rooted in being lovingly attentive and non-judgmental.

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Professional Bio

I am a licensed holistic mental health therapist located in Westerly, Rhode Island.  I provide both counseling services and ayurvedic consulting and specialize in helping clients navigate anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, body image issues and dysmorphia, and general life transitions.  I also have expertise in substance use disorders, and welcome individuals who may be experiencing these difficulties at various stages.

In my practice, I crafts unique treatment plans for clients based on an integrative perspective. I consider what a client's goals are in seeking counseling; how they can make changes in their daily living routine to reduce or alleviate both mental and physical imbalances; how they can reach optimal wellness in the mind and body; and ways they can create mental and physical resiliency via coping skills and self-care therapies.

I am a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Doctor, a level 2 Hakomi practitioner, a certified MBSR teaher and a certified yoga therapist.  Having worked in the field for over two decades, I have extensive experience in providing holistic health services in both holistic healthcare centers and hospital settings.  Throughout my years of private practice as an ayurvedic practitioner, I have provided consultations to the community, created custom herbal formulations, and led workshops.


My practice is physically located in Westerly.  I am connect with clients either in person or through remote sessions.  I look forward to meeting you!

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