Creating a life in which you will Thrive

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a two hour meeting in which we will discuss your reasons for seeking services and your life-goals.  We will also review your current routines, any present healthcare concerns and identify your ayurvedic makeup.  With this information, we will define a health care plan tailored to meet your needs.  


Initial Consultation (120 minutes): $145

Holistic Counseling Sessions

At your session, you will receive a program packet outlining your wellness plan, information about your ayurvedic makeup and details of the first step.  Every session begins with a brief meditation so that you may gently transition from your busy day into your own healing space.  The intention of this work is to gain self-awareness alongside self-compassion while maintaining an attitude of loving curiosity and openness.  The practices assigned in your wellness plan will support your journey on a daily basis and support healing on all levels - mental, physical and spiritual.  We will meet every week or so until your wellness plan is completed.  Your journey is not time limited and will unfold naturally.  


Holistic Counseling Session (75 minute): $95

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