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"Yoga" means to yoke or to combine into one.  Yoga is a system of practices intended to help you achieve self-realization – which is to realize that your body, mind and consciousness are one.  The overall goal of yoga is to return you to your natural state of feeling whole and having a sense of being rooted in your true self.  In working toward that goal, you will increase physical strength, mental endurance and emotional regulation.

The principles of yoga are integrated into my therapeutic approach.  As my client, you will learn to use yogic practices to gain awareness of how your thoughts and perceptions influence the lens through which you see reality.  You will also learn how to reshape that lens.  Your wellness plan will help you to integrate yogic practices into your daily routine.  The system of yoga is outlined in the eight limbs of yoga.


Eight Limbs of Yoga

1. Moral vows: non-violence, truthfulness, not stealing, not indulging in sensory pleasures and non-greediness.

2. Duties to yourself: cleanliness, contentment, self-regulation of desires, self-study/self-reflection and contemplation of your connection with the universe.

3. Holding postures while using breath and micro movements to release tension in your body.

4. Breathing practices to regulate your autonomic nervous system and slow down the movement of thoughts in your mind.

5. Mastery of the senses: choosing where your awareness goes.

6. Developing single pointed awareness.

7. Letting go of single pointed awareness to become aware of all that is active within and outside of you.

8. Samadhi: sensing your connection with all of creation.  

Samadhi is the final goal of the yogic practices.  

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