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Hakomi is a mindfulness-centered, experiential psychotherapy.  Ron Kurtz, the creator of Hakomi, came from a background of science, physics, mathematics, systems theory, the Tao and Buddhism.  Kurtz interweaved these systems to create a lens that sees the roadmap of the inner self and a method to make change.  Its philosophy is that you are perfect now and that change is done with the intention to refine your ways of being, not to fix.

The Hakomi process occurs through mindful observation and the knowing that change is possible only when there is a feeling of safety and connection, allowing the nervous system to be at ease and therefore, be flexible.  Within this context, you can identify patterns of thinking and how they emerge thru your physical expressions. 

I use these methods in my counseling style to help you to release patterns that are life-limiting and to create space for something new…something more authentic to your true self.  It is a therapy that quietly reaches into your heart and asks permission to see what is there.


The Hakomi Way

Small adjustments in your perception of the world will bring about significant changes in your quality of life. Just as a small stone dropped into a still lake can change the face of the entire lake.

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