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 Together is Better 


Ayurveda and yoga are vast bodies of knowledge.  Navigating these systems to determine your own self-care program is a daunting task.  It can be difficult determining where to begin.  The Transformation Workshop is a group journey in learning how to create a holistic lifestyle using these system's therapies and practices.  The group process will be therapeutic and supportive of the challenges that arise when changing your daily routine. You will learn practices that will make big shifts in the quality of your everyday life.  This is the place to begin.

  • Class 1:  Introduction, The Ayurvedic Pillars of Health & Healing

  • Class 2:  Wellness Practices, Learn Ayurvedic skin care, oral care and nasal care

  • Class 3:  Morning Routine, Welcome each day as a new beginning with proper hydration and movement

  • Class 4:  Optimal Health begins with Healthy Digestion, Practice of Food Sadhana, Ayurvedic Nutrition

  • Class 5:  Evening Routine, Practices to support the transition from activity to rest

  • Class 6:  Mantra, Using sound to transform the mind and body

  • Class 7:  Breathing Exercises, The science & techniques of pranayama

  • Class 8:  Sensory Therapies, How to use color therapy and aroma therapy

  • Class 9:  Meaning Making, Closing reflections and questions


Group Facilitator: Jessica Ferrol, LMHC, CAGS, AD, CYI

Dates & Times: TBA

Cost: $450. Cost includes: hand book written by Jessica, 2oz Ayurvedic massage oil, tongue scrapper, neti salts, 2oz herbal gum oil and a custom made aroma therapy salve

For more information call Jessica Ferrol at 401-323-4638 or email info@jessieswhole-isticcare.com