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MBSR Recordings

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Tips for all Mindfulness Practices

Notice any ideas you may have of perfecting, achieving, failing or succeeding in regards to the practices.  Though these thoughts are a common experience, they can get in the way of the intention of the practices and the cultivation of self-compassion. 

While engaging with mindfulness practices, emotions, memories, thoughts or sensations may arise.  Their quality may be pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.  The intention is to be with these experiences with an attitude of compassion and kindness.  If your experience becomes too intense, take care of yourself by opening your eyes, pausing the practice, and bring your attention to something that brings you a sense of ease.  If this occurs, know you have not are nurturing self-love.

Body Scan Recordings

You will find a selection of body scan recordings below. 

MBSR Body ScanJessie Ferrol
00:00 / 24:23
MBSR Body ScanPaulouse Mindfulness
00:00 / 01:04
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