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“I have been working with Jessie for over 8 months now and words cannot adequately capture just how effective her approach and techniques have proven, and how grateful I am for the overall engagement with her.  What I find amazing is not only is she helping me with very specific issues I’m working through, but the time with her has allowed a deeper understanding of, and connection with myself, that includes all aspects of my being.  I truly appreciate that her impact extends way beyond the individual sessions."

- Anonymous 

"Jessica Ferrol truly lives and oozes holistic living. I am a student and Practitioner of Ayurveda and I can honestly say, “Jessie is the real deal”. She's highly educated, organized, grounded and heart centered.  Her approach really helped me to ease up on myself, to understand myself as a unique part of nature. Jessie understands we are simply spirit having a Human experience, here to learn lessons; we are all already whole beings, perfectly imperfect with all the answers to our own Self-healing within. When I first starting seeing Jessie I was trying to let go of an eating disorder addiction and ground my incredibly imbalanced Vata. Jessie met me where I was at, taking it one step at a time, giving me what I uniquely needed, all with the most loving nonjudgmental understanding, patience and compassion. Jessie helped me identify imbalances throughout my life from food to family relationships. Jessie made me a personalized treatment plan involving 5 sense therapies, daily routine, Ayurvedic psychology and more. Whether you are looking for alternative treatment of a specific disease or just searching for a more sustainable sense of peace and wellbeing – I urge you with all my heart to make an appointment for a consultation with Jessica Ferrol today!"

- Anonymous 

“I have suffered from increasingly annoying ringing in my ears for about 10 years. Recently the condition became worse, bothering me even in the daytime in relatively noisy environments. An ear specialist told me there was no hope.  Jessica prepared a custom formulated ear oil for me that has eliminated the problem in my left ear and reduced it in the right ear in less than a month of use. This is a stunning result and I’m overjoyed. The delightful “side effects” include deeper, longer sleep, which I need and appreciate. And last but not least, the cost of the oil was less than my co-pay to the ear specialist. Jessica is a very knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner with wide and varied experience. I’ve already recommended her to several friends. I’m so grateful for her help."

- Penny D 

“Attending Jessica's "Fundamentals of Ayurveda" class has definitely given me the desire to learn more about this healthy way of life.  The knowledge I gained in her class has noticeably improved my physical health.  Now, my kitchen has changed dramatically and is no longer just a place to produce mindless taste sensations, but a place to improve my quality of life.  I had suffered from I.B.S. for many years and after following a few simple rules that she taught me, my tumultuous digestion has turned into the quiet peaceful lake it was meant to be. 

    They say, " When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  I was truly blessed that Jessica was the gentle and caring soul who stepped into that role. Deep Bow,”  

- Sylvia

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